Nils Wieland

Singer/songwriter Nils Wieland won The Big Award of The Netherlands and writes and performs melodious and thoughtful pop songs with eclectic style elements. Recorded with musicians Peter Warnier (bass), Arno ‘little gull head’ van Nieuwenhuize (drums, percussion, keyboards), Robert Schakel (guitar), Julia Loco (backing vocals) and Guus Janssen (piano).

Jump Dickie Jump!

Goin’ Out

Jump Dicky Jump is the former band of Dutch pop musician, singer/songwriter Arthur Ebeling. This album contains original Ebeling compositions including "Dark Side of the Road." Featured players: Roland Brunt (sax), Anthonie Broek (guest drummer).


Songs From The Well

Amsterdam based rock group The Dutch formed this band to accompany singer/songwriter Petra Lugtenburg.

7-track Album. Released in 1982

7-track Album. Released in 1985

6-track Album. Released in 1985

14-track Album. Released in 1987

8-track Album. Released in 1989

Stephen Emmer

Vogue Estate

Stephen Emmer is a Dutch arranger and musician well known for his TV jingles (NOS News, Studio Sport). This mini album contains music of a dramatic and film-like character. It was recorded with British musicians Billy MacKenzie (The Associates) and Martha Ladly (from the Muffins).

After 25 years Stephen recently released a very beautiful and most interesting 2nd album called Ricitement. For more information go to



Founded in 1984, the group Smithereens consisted of musician/producer Peter Smid (formerly of The Houseband and Time Bandits) and New York-born singer Wendy Sheridan. Their debut album, a mini-LP entitled 1234, contained the hit single "Guarantee for Love." Danceable pop music written by Peter Smid together with Wendy or J.P. den Tex. In 1986 the Smithereens changed their name to Wendy & The Sensations because an American group had been using the Smithereens name for years.

Idiot Records Easy to whistle, hard to forget

Produced by Willem Wisselink

Produced by Peter Smid , Jakob Klaasse

Willem Wisselink, Arno van Nieuwenhuize

Produced by Johan Visser

Produced by Willem Wisselink, Jan de Kruijf