Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

It’s The Talk Of The Town

Edison Awarded first album of the orchestra. Twelve sad songs from the thirties and forties including Harry Warren's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and Hoagie Carmichael's "I Get Along Without You Very Well."

Concept and repertoire: Gert-Jan Blom. Liner notes and art direction by Piet Schreuders, cover illustration by James Avati.

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Lonely Avenue

Second album. Another collection of hair-raising, spine-tingling and heart-breaking songs from past and present, including Victor Young's "Street of Dreams" and Doc Pomus's "Lonely Avenue."

Concept and repertoire: Gert-Jan Blom. Cover design by Piet Schreuders.

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Dancin’ With Tears In My Eyes

The third and last album by the Boulevard of Broken Dreams Orchestra. Album includes Gordon Jenkins' "Goodbye", Deborah Chessler’s “It’s too Soon to Know” and Edward Redding's "The End of a Love Affair."

Concept and repertoire: Gert-Jan Blom. Liner notes and art direction by Piet Schreuders, artwork by Peter Pontiac.

All three albums are also still available on CD in a special deluxe box through

Blvd Orchestra

Idiot Records Easy to whistle, hard to forget

12-track Album. Released in 1985

13-track Album. Released in 1986

12-track Album. Released in 1987

Produced by Jakob Klaasse, Johan Visser

Emile Elsen, Jakob Klaasse, Gert-Jan Blom

Emile Elsen, Lucas Asselbergs, Gert-Jan Blom

About the orchestra

Now a long tradition (1984) The Parade today still is a traveling fringe festival for contemporary theater and music, accompanied by kooky amusements, good food and drink.

In the early days The Boulevard of Broken Dreams Orchestra (a 16 piece formation) played the famous Mirror Tent (see picture on the right) every night during the yearly festival period only. Founded by Gert-Jan Blom, they performed the Great American Songbook.

Gert-Jan also played in The Izzies and The Beau Hunks with whom he did various projects and recorded at least 20 albums. Among others: Edward McDowell`s “Woodland Sketches”. Written in 1896 as a collection of mood pieces for the piano, this suite was newly orchestrated by Lucas Asselbergs for woodwinds and strings. This album was originally recorded in the period when the orchestra recorded their albums for Idiot Records and due for release on Idiot’s sublabel PickUp Records. The Gangbusters (the rhythm section of the BOBD) first album was released on PickUp.

How Gert-Jan seems to be able to stay out of the spotlight is nicely illustrated in this internet Blog:

In search of Gert-Jan Blom