Mathilde Santing

Her first album. And Idiot’s best selling album by far.

All songs are carefully contructed around her Elka-machine with additional instruments played by Dennis Duchart, Rolf Hermsen and Peter Meuris.

This wonderful debut album contains beautiful versions of a.o. Hunter & Verdi’s Behind a Painted Smile, Lerner & Lowe’s I’ve Grown Accustomed to her Face, Brian Wilson’s Here Today, Dizzy Gillespie’s You go to my Head and Todd Rungren’s A Dream goes on Forever.

Joep Bruijnjé


Pop photographer/barber/musician Joep Bruijnjé recorded these two albums with his group On/Off supported by fellow 'Idiots' Fay Lovsky and Mathilde Santing. After all this time, his songs haven't lost any of their willfulness.

Joep Bruijnjé (On/Off)


Great second album with guest appearances of Omar Dupree, Steve Glisby, Esther Teule, Peter van Straaten en Jaap de Weyer.

His later single Typical is released on the compilation album First Idiots.

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Idiot Records Easy to whistle, hard to forget


Little Giants

In 1984 Rob Kruisman, Bart Terlaak, Arti Kraayeveld – old hands in the Dutch pop scene – were newly inspired by young singer Mieke Stemerdink, who treated the R&B pearls from the forties and fifties just as carefully as her "beehive" hairdo.

The original album Little Giants, augmented with some later singles, illustrates that the Gigantjes were more than a happy-go-lucky cover group with the most beautiful obscure song material in the world.

10-track Album. Released in 1981

9-track Album. Released in 1983

10-track Album. Released in 1987

9-track Album. Released in 1984

Produced by Rolf Hermsen, Johan Visser

Produced by Jakob Klaasse, Johan Visser

Frans Hendriks, Jakob Klaasse, Johan Visser

Produced by Jakob Klaasse, Johan Visser

Mathilde Santing is a Dutch singer who recorded covers of artists from Cole Porter to Jimi Hendrix to Randy Newman.

Despite Mathilde Santings’ extremely careful choice of songs, it actually doesn’t matter what she sings but that she is singing.

There is no Dutch singer who, in the past twenty years, has proven to not only understand every known genre, but also to perform them like a second skin.

Who had ever thought that the introverted singer who, in the early eighties, played her Elka-machine timidly at her debut on television, would become a star in a Joop van den Ende mega musical and be able to remain herself?

And how come British and American pop-avant-gardists know what Mathilde Santing is doing at this moment?

Those are all questions neither she and/or we have the answers to.

But it is clear that we are dealing with a very, very particular singer here ..

For actual info go to the:

Mathilde Santing Official Website