Fay Lovsky


First (16-track recording) studio album where Fay plays most of the instruments herself + all the lead- and backing vocals.

Special guests: Jan Dries Groenendijk, Arie Kuit, Ron Limberg, Chris Michie, Cees Stolk, Peter van Straten and Peter Vink

Jona Lewie, Fay Lovsky and Johan Visser during a recording break in London.

Fay Lovsky

Christmas was a Friend of Mine

Recorded with John Tilly. Fay’s greatest hit to date.

Remarkable feature: Giant tapeloops, with harmony vocals in various keys spinning around empty bottles, played as an instrument via the faders of the mixing console.

No samplers in those days!

Fay Lovsky

Automatic Pilot

Die neue Welle: Blaskapelle!

b/w Walk Don’t Walk

Fay Lovsky

Party Time

Originally recorded when Idiot Records was licensed to RCA with Jona Lewie as co-producer. The B-side Safety Pins was never before digitally released.

Special guests: Fred Bonthuis and Pieter Draaijer

Fay Lovsky

Sound on Sound

First release of the artist, containing eight songs recorded (sound-on-sound) at home on a Revox A77.

Compiled by Johan Visser.

Idiot Records Easy to whistle, hard to forget

Fay Lovsky

7-track Album. Released in 1980

2-track Single. Released in 1980

14-track Album. Released in 1981

2-track Single. Released in 1981

2-track Single. Released in 1982

Produced by Fay Lovsky

Produced by Johan Visser, Jona Lewie

Produced by Johan Visser

Produced by Johan Visser

Produced by Johan Visser