Kewi à Go Go Party

Space Disco EP

The Kewi’s (pronounced as Kaywees) consisted of Kees “Kip’ Maas and Willem ‘Bill’ Wisselink. They started out working for Radio East and VPRO Radio doing sketches and songs. Amongst others the famous: Ikdenkalikdagalwasdatdan.

This is their first release, an EP containing three wonderful songs, recorded on a Sony 3-track (!) and Revoxes, already showing their enormous variety of music styles.

The original record sleeve, a beautiful 3-fold cover, had to be placed with the inside facing, on a desk or table, so the listener could imagine sitting in one’s own space cockpit!

Kewi à Go Go Party

Life is like a Penguin (always black & white)

This album is the musical result of their VPRO radio shows.

So see you that in a place like Amsterdam, Berlin or New York, never something of importance happens, because they there think that they already very good are. The real things happen than also in places in the province like Enschede, where one has an inferiority complex. It’s an awfull place in the East of the Netherlands with ugly, unpleasant and oil-stupid people. But there is for instance very particular music made. I call only the Kewi’s. They made a beautiful LP, where only people in the rest of the world of can dream. Happily can one buy the album via iTunes and needs one not to Enschede to go to hear their music! Roger Clean

Kewi à Go Go Party

Sie wünscht sich ein Kewi ins Bett

These are their first multi-track recordings. It was also their first single via Idiot’s new licency deal through Warner. Why? is a song from the ‘old days’. Not previously released and included here as a bonustrack.

Kewi University of Swing
Terracotta me Baby!
Singer/songwriter Jan Rot said that the only difference between the Sgt. Pepper album and this one is a couple of zeros in sales figures.

With beautiful songs like a.o. Girls on Vacation, Little Asia and Greatest Tut plus some of the most peculiar and remarkable arrangements to date in compositions like Monday, Biggles, or Left/Right, this album is a classic and a must have!

University of Swing

Wooly Bully

Originally recorded to enter Bram van Splunteren’s ‘Wooly Bully’ contest for VPRO Radio.

Kip then had already left the Kewi’s.

The University line-up here are: Robert van Bolderen, Lydian Hiensch and Willem Wisselink.

Idiot Records Easy to whistle, hard to forget

Listen to the Kewi Music!

3-track EP. Released in 1979

13-track Album. Released in 1980

3-track EP. Released in 1981

14-track Album. Released in 1983

1-track Single. Released in 1985

Produced by Johan Visser, Willem Wisselink

Produced by Johan Visser, Willem Wisselink

Produced by Johan Visser, Willem Wisselink

Produced by Johan Visser

Produced by Willem Wisselink