The first five releases

Idiot Records Easy to whistle, hard to forget


Come In Handies/S.O.B.S.

Arnhem based ‘new wave’ band.

With a special guest appearance of Hugo Sinzheimer (The Meteors).

During the mix of the A-side, entered Emile Elsen. Probably because he wanted to get to work as soon as possible, he helped out. But as it turned out, in later years, he would become Idiot’s number one recording and mixing engineer.

After the release of this single, recording sessions for an album started, but due to the strange disappearance of the leadsinger, the project never came to a conclusion.

The original 7” vinyl was releasd in a transparant cover.

2-track Single. Released in 1980

Wisselink EP

Too Shy To Love

The idiot boss himself with guest musicians Pieter Draaijer, Johannes Bodingius, Fred Bonthuis and Johan Visser.

Recorded ‘Sound on Sound’ on Revox A77.

Produced by Willem Wisselink

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3-track EP. Released in 1979

Produced by Johan Visser, Willem Wisselink