Paul Tornado

Van Agt Casanova EP

The single ‘Van Agt Casanova’ of Paul Tornado was the first punksong in the Dutch language. Recorded during one of the longest formation periods in the Netherlands. Dries van Agt, later being the very conservative (but popular) PM of this cabinet, was a real ‘standards and values’ man.

This 3-track EP contains an extra song which was not previously released.

Paul later recorded an entire album for Plurex.

La Salle’s

Razzle Dazzle | High Class Baby

La Salle’s were a Dutch Rock ‘n Roll band who recorded only one single for the label in 1978.

With astonishing names as Helmuth LaSalle, Charles McEngering, Fred B Marcel Earthquake, Frank von S. and Pete “Bougois Kid’ Turner it is no wonder they don’t turn up when you type in their names in Google today.

Pete later recorded several tracks for Idiot but only one ended up on the First Idiots compilation CD released in 1997.

The sleeve got a lot of attention because it had real chewing gum glued to it.


Now Hitpick EP

After the success of Paul Tornado, Idiot Records immediately contracted another punkband: The Suzannes. This formation around lead singer/songwriter Fedde Spoel recorded a 6-track (sound-on-sound)EP for the Idiot label in 1978.

The album sleeve changed

with each edition

De Enschedese School

Kerstmis met de Ark

Special fanclub Christmas record. Released on vinyl (and un-officially the first Idiot Records release) only for subscribers of the Enschedese School. The EP contained several tracks and is a collectors item.

NOT available via iTunes.

Idiot Records Easy to whistle, hard to forget

The first five releases

3-track EP. Released in 1977

6-track EP. Released in 1978

2-track EP. Released in 1978

Produced by Johan Visser, Willem Wisselink

Produced by Johan Visser, Willem Wisselink

Produced by Johan Visser, Willem Wisselink

Produced by Johan Visser, Willem Wisselink