Famous Artists

Idiot artist are: Paul Tornado, Suzannes, Kewi à Go Go Party (later Kewi University of Swing), Wisselink, La Salle’s, Monomen, Pete Turner, Fay Lovsky, Mathilde Santing, Rafaella Dell, Joep Bruijnjé (On/Off), The Boulevard of Broken Dreams Orchestra, The Little Giants, Jakob Klaasse, Stephen Emmer, The Smithereens, Nils Wieland, Jump Dickie Jump! and Siobhan.

Fay Lovsky, Mathilde Santing and The Boulevard of Broken Dreams Orchestra were all awarded with an Edison Award (Dutch Grammy). Fay Lovsky was also awarded with a Silver Harp.

Famous Record Companies

Early releases were 45’s: singles and EP’s. At first distributed through mail order only, later by different record companies (Ariola, Dureco, RCA). It wasn’t until the release and success of the first Fay Lovsky album that

they became a well known singer/songwriter label and signed a licency deal with Warner Elektra and Atlantic (WEA). When years later, their greatest fan and A&R manager Herman van der Zwan moved to Phonogram, Idiot  Records switched as well.

To this day all CD’s are still available via BASTA MUSIC

Easy to whistle, hard to forget

Songs you could be familiar with, or at least should look up in iTunes are: Christmas was a friend of mine by Fay Lovsky, Painted Smile by Mathilde Santing, I get along without you very well by the Boulevard of Broken Dreams Orchestra, Paris Rendezvous by Siobhan, (You is) a guarantee for love by The Smithereens, Yaki Taki Oowah! by The Little Giants, The world is coming to an end by Jump Dickie Jump! and last but not least:  Sie wünscht sich ein Kewi ins Bett and Biggles by The Kewi’s.

Idiot Records

The label (one of the first Indie Record Labels in The Netherlands) was founded in 1977, besides the already existing Art Publishing Foundation De Enschedese School, by Johan Visser and Willem Wisselink. They called it A 1.000 Idiot Records. Based upon their marketing strategy that there would be at least a thousand idiots who would buy their product(s), they released the first punksong Van Agt Casanova in the Dutch language of an artist called Paul Tornado. More than 5.000 copies were sold via mailorder only! When the number of copies kept exceding the estimated one thousand (although their all time low was a circulation of 26 copies) the name of the record label was later changed to Idiot Records.

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Idiot Records Easy to whistle, hard to forget

First Idiots

Compilation album crammed with intriguing bits and pieces from the the Idiot Records archives -both Dutch and English speaking material- programmed like a radio show: oldies, rare singles, unknown B-sides, unreleased tapes, and commercial jingles. Artists include Paul Tornado, Suzannes, Fay Lovsky ("Fijn voor de Lijn"), Raphaella Dell, Joep Bruijnjé, Jakob Klaasse, EurAbia.

Easy to whistle, hard to forget

Compilation by Johan Visser

31-track Album. Released in 1997

The Idiot Record Sleeve Slide Show

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